Arrupe Accepts New Student Volunteers for Batch 43

After a month-long recruitment process, more than three hundred (300) application forms, seventy-two (72) actual application submissions, a round of screenings and an assessment/evaluation workshop, thirty-six (36) students passed the final deliberation for Batch 43 of the total corps of student volunteers of the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (formerly, the Social Involvement Coordinating Office [SICO]) known as the Arrupe Volunteers.

These 36 students who now constitute Batch 43 were selected through a series of screenings, one-on-one interviews, an assessment /evaluation workshop, and final deliberation conducted by Mr. Noriel Rogon and Ms. Janice Camanan of the Student Servant Leadership Program (SSLP), assisted by other program coordinators of the Arrupe Office and the Arrupe Volunteers Recruitment Core Group. This new batch of student volunteers now forms part of the roster of Arrupe Volunteers this school year (SY), totalling ninety-six (96).

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