After a month-long recruitment process, more than three hundred (300) application forms, seventy-two (72) actual application submissions, a round of screenings and an assessment/evaluation workshop, thirty-six (36) students passed the final deliberation for Batch 43 of the total corps of student volunteers of the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (formerly, the Social Involvement Coordinating Office [SICO]) known as the Arrupe Volunteers.

These 36 students who now constitute Batch 43 were selected through a series of screenings, one-on-one interviews, an assessment /evaluation workshop, and final deliberation conducted by Mr. Noriel Rogon and Ms. Janice Camanan of the Student Servant Leadership Program (SSLP), assisted by other program coordinators of the Arrupe Office and the Arrupe Volunteers Recruitment Core Group. This new batch of student volunteers now forms part of the roster of Arrupe Volunteers this school year (SY), totalling ninety-six (96).

The general requirements for application to become an Arrupe Volunteer are the following: Applicant must be a 2nd year student (of a four-year course) and/or 3rd year student (of a five-year course); must be physically fit; has a QPI of not lower than 2.5 for the last two semesters; has good moral character; is a person of leadership, integrity and service; and, whose involvement in campus organizations must be limited to a maximum of two (2) club.  The bottom-line is that the applicant must possess dedication and service by willingly devoting time to do volunteer work.  Being an Arrupe Volunteer is not equated to being a member of any campus club or organization; but rather, it is equated to being a co-formator of students in the context of social formation work for which the Arrupe Office is mandated to do.

Those who made it this SY consisted mainly of 2nd year students coming from the different schools in the university.  Those who now constitute Batch 43 of the Arrupe Volunteers are the following: John D. Chin (BSIE-2), Michael Zachary Leyson (BSCS-2), Rexor L. Amancho (ABEcon-2), Ella Marie H. Madoginog (BSA-2), Deanjann B. Piloton (BSBM-2), Lorelee C. Dahan (BSA-2), Angelique M. Dairo (BSAT-2), Justice R. Eva (BSIE-2), Shaira L. Morales (BSM-2), Ashreabai K. Sinarimbo (BSA-3), Grace C. Ramos (BSA-2), Faye Ashley Castillo (BSAT-2), Darlene Joy R. Jayectin (BSA-2), Jessa Mae B. Suico (ABPolSci-2), Eunice Sweet Vinn S. Barro (ABPolSci-2), Jay Ace Madianda (BSA-2), Johnmar T. Monato (BSA-2), Rina Maria N. Ampoloquio (ABMC-2), Rona Marie C. Gestopa (BSA-2), Cyra Iris T. Gentindatu (BSBio-2), Airish P. Yap (BSIT-2), Bryan Jayson D. Barcena (BSA-2), Erika Pearl V. Java (BSA-2), Herz S. Apostol (BSA-3), Mikee C. Estribello (BSAT-2), Lawrence M. Maranon (BSIE-2), Adnan S. Manibpel (BSA-2), Julie Ann V. Gawat (BSIE-2), Princess Claire S. Palitoc (BSA-3), Mary Joy De Castro (ABMC-2), Jecon Vance G. Fabila (BSIE-2), Elizah S. Adalin (BSIE-2), Reevens R. Rizada (BSIE-2), Loraine Joyce M. Ang (BSBio-2), Regina C. Guino (BSA-2) and Mary Antoneitte Limen (BSEnviSci-2).

The Arrupe Office will soon announce the Basic Orientation Seminar (BOS) for the new batch of members to take place during the semestral break.  (By M. Isabel S. Actub & Noriel R. Rogon, Arrupe Office of Social Formation)