NSTP & CENRO Conduct Tree Planting Anew

The National Service Training Program (NSTP) of the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF) started conducting a series of tree planting activities last weekend as part of the program’s tree planting drive in partnership and in coordination with the Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO-West) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and other local people’s organizations.  This most recent tree planting initiative will run for four (4) weeks which started last Saturday, 14th February, and will end on Saturday, 14th March 2015.

The sites selected for these particular tree planting activities are the same areas that were identified during the Treevolution event last 26th September 2014, such as Sitio Lumpipi in Marilog District and Crossing S in Kibalang, still in Marilog District, Davao City.

The number of participating NSTP classes for these tree planting activities total thirty-two (32), involving a total of 1,132 students. The total number of seedlings to be planted at the end of the four-week activity is estimated at 3,400.

This most recent tree planting activities will run simultaneously with the scheduled fieldwork of the NSTP classes this second semester. (By Arrupe Communications)

Jesuit Mission Stations in Bukidnon Eyed for ASEP 2015

In conjunction with the university’s observance of the Bicentennial of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus (1814-2014) which officially culminated in a mass on 8th January of this year, the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF) through its Student Servant Leadership Program (SSLP) is eyeing on conducting the annual Ateneo Student Exposure Program (ASEP) at the four Jesuit mission stations in Bukidnon, namely Vendum, Zamboangita, Cabanglasan, and Miarayon.

The AOSF team will conduct its second ocular inspection of these areas on 26th-28th February, with the assistance of the Jesuit priests who are assigned in these four mission outposts. This year’s ASEP is scheduled on 30th March until 8th April, at the height of the Holy Week observance.

The ASEP is a yearly intensive exposure program intended as part of the social formation of the corps of Arrupe Vols and selected student leaders.  It is a program that was started in 1982 by Fr. Gorgonio “George” Esguerra, SJ, the then dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; it provides student volunteers and leaders the opportunity to undergo a concrete experience of living with poor communities for a period of one to two weeks, or more. The student participants will be assigned to stay with a foster family who will introduce and immerse them into their community’s way of life.  The ASEP participants are also expected to render some form of service to the community as a concrete expression of their solidarity in the spirit of living the core values of preferential option for the poor, community cooperation and empowerment, peacebuilding and peacemaking and intercultural dialogue.

In this year’s ASEP, the student participants will be exposed to the community life of the indigenous peoples (IPs) who inhabit these parts of Central Bukidnon, such as the Matigsulit and Ummajamñen (those living near the Ummayan and Sulit rivers), Tapayañen, Tigwahanon and Pulangihon (those living along the serpentine areas of the Pulangi River), among others. Continue reading

Maligdong Month Launched

The Atenista Ako! Maligdong, a campaign that promotes integrity, was launched by the Arrupe Office of Social Formation at the Thibault Atrium on 2nd February 2015 during the activity period.

At the launching, the corps of Arrupe Vols put up a simple exhibit that featured a few noteworthy persons (mostly alumni of the Ateneo system of education) who are recognized as exemplars in their own respective profession and advocacy in the area of good governance, environment, arts and culture, education, peace, social entrepreneurship, and medicine.

For the next two weeks during the activity period, the Arrupe Vols will facilitate the showing of a video/film on good governance at the exhibit area, including an advocacy video clip filmed by an Arrupe Volunteer and Mass Communications student, Anju De Vera.  Later in the month, the Arrupe office will partner with some Theo 131 classes (Christian Morality & Spirituality) for the rollout of the module on Ehem! Anticorruption Sensitivity Workshop to be facilitated by selected Arrupe Vols. Continue reading