Jesuit Mission Stations in Bukidnon Eyed for ASEP 2015

In conjunction with the university’s observance of the Bicentennial of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus (1814-2014) which officially culminated in a mass on 8th January of this year, the Arrupe Office of Social Formation (AOSF) through its Student Servant Leadership Program (SSLP) is eyeing on conducting the annual Ateneo Student Exposure Program (ASEP) at the four Jesuit mission stations in Bukidnon, namely Vendum, Zamboangita, Cabanglasan, and Miarayon.

The AOSF team will conduct its second ocular inspection of these areas on 26th-28th February, with the assistance of the Jesuit priests who are assigned in these four mission outposts. This year’s ASEP is scheduled on 30th March until 8th April, at the height of the Holy Week observance.

The ASEP is a yearly intensive exposure program intended as part of the social formation of the corps of Arrupe Vols and selected student leaders.  It is a program that was started in 1982 by Fr. Gorgonio “George” Esguerra, SJ, the then dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; it provides student volunteers and leaders the opportunity to undergo a concrete experience of living with poor communities for a period of one to two weeks, or more. The student participants will be assigned to stay with a foster family who will introduce and immerse them into their community’s way of life.  The ASEP participants are also expected to render some form of service to the community as a concrete expression of their solidarity in the spirit of living the core values of preferential option for the poor, community cooperation and empowerment, peacebuilding and peacemaking and intercultural dialogue.

In this year’s ASEP, the student participants will be exposed to the community life of the indigenous peoples (IPs) who inhabit these parts of Central Bukidnon, such as the Matigsulit and Ummajamñen (those living near the Ummayan and Sulit rivers), Tapayañen, Tigwahanon and Pulangihon (those living along the serpentine areas of the Pulangi River), among others. Continue reading

Blessing and Turnover Ceremony of Malasmas Bldg. in Compostela

           IMG_1463  IMG_1511 IMG_1477 IMG_1470 IMG_1547                 To pay tribute to the late Fr. Rodolfo “Rudy” Malasmas, SJ, one of the Founding Fathers of the Ateneo de Davao and an erstwhile school administrator of the former Ateneo de Davao Compostela Branch, renamed Consuelo M. Valderrama High School (CMVHS) of Brgy. Ngan, in the Municipality of Compostela, Province of Compostela Valley (ComVal), a two-classroom building was blessed, inaugurated and turned over to the administration of CMVHS on Saturday, 8th March 2014.  The ceremony was attended by the administrators of the Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), CMVHS, and representatives of the local government units (LGUs) of Ngan, Compostela and ComVal. The newly completed structure is named “Malasmas Building” in honour of the late Fr. Rudy.

             Atty. Romeo T. Cabarde, chair of the University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC), Fr. Michael Pineda, SJ, principal of the ADDU High School, and Ms. Lilibeth L. Arcena, director of the Arrupe Office of Social Formation, headed the ADDU delegation.  Ms. Perlita Villegas, the principal of CMVHS, was on hand to accept and receive the ceremonial key.

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Compostela Chosen as Venue for ASEP 2014

        For this year, the Ateneo Student Exposure Program (ASEP) of the Arrupe Office of Social Formation, lodged under the Student Servant Leadership Program (SSLP), will conduct the summer exposure/immersion in Brgy. Ngan, in the Municipality of Compostela, Province of Compostela Valley (ComVal).  ComVal is the obvious choice for this year’s ASEP in view of the university’s current engagement in Ngan: The Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU), through the Arrupe Office, and with the endorsement of the University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC), has just finished the construction of a school building in Consuelo M. Valderrama High School.  Named “Malasmas Building” in honor of the late Fr. Rodolfo “Rudy” Malasmas, SJ, this new building was inaugurated on Saturday, 8th March 2014.  The community partnership forged between ADDU and Ngan through this infrastructure project has become a major factor in crafting this year’s ASEP design that is fitted for a disaster-stricken area.

Compostela and Jesuit Connection

         Barangay Ngan, as in the rest of ComVal and Davao Oriental (DavOr), suffered from the devastation of Typhoon Pablo in December of 2012.  In this period of rehabilitation some fifteen (15) months after the disaster struck, the community, especially the members of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of Valderrama High knocked the doors of various donor agencies, requesting that their school be rehabilitated.  It is only ADDU that responded to such request, and within the period of sixty (60) days a new building was erected.  The decision to rebuild a part of school through the construction of a high school building in Valderrama High is not just a concrete manifestation of goodwill and commitment to respond to disaster, but a very symbolic gesture considering that the high school used to be called Ateneo de Davao Compostela Branch in the early seventies when the late Fr. Rudy acted as its school administrator.  Another important fact that underlies the spirit behind this infrastructure project is that it concretely manifests ADDU’s Bicentenary Celebration of the Restoration of the Society of Jesus (1814-2014).  This infrastructure, therefore, symbolizes the very essence of the celebration of the Jesuits’ restoration as one of the Catholic Church’s remarkable religious orders whose apostolic mission in education can be felt in six continents. Continue reading

Groundbreaking of Elem. School Bldg. in Baganga

               The Ateneo de Davao University (ADDU) conducted a ground-breaking ceremony for the construction of an elementary school building in Barangay Dapnan in the Municipality of Baganga in Davao Oriental (DavOr) on 1st February 2014.  This planned construction is the second set of infrastructure projects which are being funded by the university, as part of its efforts to contribute in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Pablo-stricken areas in DavOr and Compostela Valley (ComVal). This construction project, as well as that of a high school building in Barangay Ngan in ComVal, are funded by the university through the University Engagement and Advocacy Council (UCEAC).  The Arrupe Office of Social Formation is the lead proponent of these two projects.  It also proposed and implemented the first set of rehabilitation projects done in Baganga in the wake of the implementation of its flagship exposure program, the Ateneo Student Exposure Program (ASEP) in the summer of 2013.

               The ground-breaking, which followed the ceremonial signing of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), was done on behalf of the university by Atty. Romeo Cabarde of UCEAC, Ms. Lilibeth Arcena of the Arrupe Office, Mr. Karl Anthony Ebol of the Arrupe Office who is also the project manager, and Engr. Jonas Gallego, the project’s construction supervisor.  Also present were Ms. Delilah Rivera, the school principal of Dapnan Elementary School, Mr. Wilfredo Habana, president of its Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Dr. Raymunda Apostol, supervisor of Baganga North District, Hon. Andy Monday, barangay captain of Dapnan, and Fr. Darwey Clark, DCM, parish priest of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Lambajon. Continue reading