IMG_0226 IMG_0224 IMG_0225A Service-Learning (S-L) exhibit which bears the theme “Pagpakigdait: The SLP Expo 2015” opens today, 4th March, at the Thibault Atrium fronting the Finster elevators. This exhibit is under the auspices of the Arrupe Office of Social Formation’s (AOSF) Service Learning Program (SLP) and features the products from the community-based businesses of the university’s external partners in the SLP, as well as the outputs of the different academic departments that partnered with AOSF in the conduct of this year’s S-L initiatives.  The participating departments that endeavoured to integrate S-L in their academic curriculum (in selected courses) and are featured in this year’s Expo are the following: Mass Communications Department, Industrial Engineering Department, Architecture Department, and Communications Engineering Department.

The S-L Expo is the culminating activity of the semester-long implementation of S-L curriculum integration among participating academic departments.  It aims to present to the university what SLP is, what it does, what its accomplishments are, and what it could offer.  The Expo also intends to promote SLP to the whole university community and the other academic programs, thereby building a stronger linkage between and among SLP partners and further encouraging these academic programs to tie up with AOSF’s SLP.  Through the Expo, the products of community-based businesses of external SLP partners are exhibited, side by side with the outputs of the students representing different participating departments.

The Expo is implemented in coordination with the deans of participating schools, and endorsed by the Office of the Academic Vice President (AVP).  This whole-day activity will culminate with a short program to be facilitated by Arrupe volunteers. Heads of the different academic programs as well as external partners (i.e., participating communities involved in the implementation of the SLP) are invited to attend the program during the Activity Period.  (by Arrupe Communications and Service Learning Program, AOSF)