In observance of the Atenista Ako! Maligdong month, a program under the Arrupe Office of Social Formation’s Communications & Advocacy Program (CAP), a select group of Arrupe volunteers facilitated the Ehem! Anticorruption Sensitivity Orientation Workshops to participating Theo 131 class (Christian Morality and Spirituality) commencing 23rd February until 3rd March. For this year’s conduct of the month-long Maligdong campaign, a total of 9 (nine) Theology classes under Mr. Lunar Fayloga, Mr. Ted Paredes and M. Isabel S. Actub participated in Arrupe’s campaign to promote the culture of integrity and good governance through the rollout of the Ehem! modules as presented in the Ehem! A Self-Check Manual for Combating Corruption published by the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus.

The Ehem! modules use the web chart as a tool for analyzing corruption, within the pedagogical paradigm of the Pastoral Cycle (i.e., experience, analysis, reflection and action). In facilitating the workshops in these participating Theology classes, the Arrupe vols (who themselves went through workshop as part and parcel of their formation) underscored how corruption can be imbedded in a given culture, including the university environment as a learning center.  At the end of the three-hour workshop, the Theology students were then given a simple exercise by way of proposing personal measures on how to regain a life of integrity, as students, starting with the self—which then ultimately leads to greater social consciousness to combat corruption in a larger society.

For this year, the following Arrupe vols participated as part of the pool of Ehem! student facilitators, namely: Michelle Marie Ungab, Erika De Peralta, Lyneth Egonio, Jhana Lynne Ligue, Jennilyn Nacorda, Lorelee Anne Dahan, Kahlil Denise Alcomendras, Jesse Roy Alcaraz, Christylbert Neri, Reevens Aster Rizada, Elizah Adalin, Julie Ann Gawat, Brent Jimenez, Antoinette Limen, Jonamae Eusebio, Tryyam Rusiana, Sigrid Cubil, Johnmar Monato, Regina Guino, and Erika Pearl Java, coming from batches 40, 41, 42 and 43, respectively. (by Arrupe Communications & Advocacy)